Obama & Iran

A good discussion of our president’s brilliant foreign policy initiatives. The Ahmadinejad Victory...

Obamacare, abortion and taxes

A sensible scripture-based answer to the question of “should we pay taxes which possibly will go to support abortion?” Render unto Caesar

Remembering Hebron

Israel recently observed the 80th anniversary one of the worst massacres in the history of the Palestine area. Another good example of Islam as a “peaceful” religion. The propaganda about the existence of Israel and US support being the reason for the on-going atrocities in the Middle East is bunk. It id the htred and violence of the Oslamic religion that is the source....

Obama’s Education in Anti-Semitism

An interesting perspective from someone with a similar background to THE ONE. ISRAEL NEWS UPDATE, INSIGHTS AND VIEWS Share Tue at 11:19am THE SOURCE OF OBAMA’S ANTI-ISRAEL POLICY BY E.W. Jackson Sr. E. W. Jackson is Bishop of Exodus Faith Ministries, an author and retired attorney. Like Obama, I am a graduate of Harvard Law School. I too have Muslims in my family. I am black, and I was once a leftist Democrat. Since our backgrounds are somewhat similar, I perceive something in Obama’s policy toward Israel which people without that background may not see. All my life I have witnessed a strain of anti-Semitism in the black community. It has been fuelled by the rise of the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan, but it predates that organization. We heard it in Jesse Jackson’s “HYMIE town” remark years ago during his presidential campaign. We heard it most recently in Jeremiah Wright’s remark about “them Jews” not allowing Obama to speak with him. I hear it from my own Muslim family members who see the problem in the Middle East as a “Jew” problem. Growing up in a small, predominantly black urban community in Pennsylvania, I heard the comments about Jewish shop owners. They were “greedy cheaters” who could not be trusted, according to my family and others in the neighborhood. I was too young to understand what it means to be Jewish, or know that I was hearing anti-Semitism. These people seemed nice enough to me, but others said they were “evil”. Sadly, this bigotry has yet to be eradicated from the black community. In Chicago, the anti-Jewish...

Orwellian? I Think So.

Let’s all monitor our neighbors and friends, and report any activity contrary to what THE ONE wants. Shades of 1984