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The One

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The One has found his place

The Messiah

The true cost of the stimulus. Don’t believe everything you hear from our leader. Or believe that change is coming.   True change is coming. The bankrupting of the next several generations of our people.

True cost


“This Process Stinks”

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Finally someone is calling Obama to task. Grandstanding and interviews don’t constitute leadership. However, maybe that is all he knows how to do.

Sen. Lindsey Graham


Ethics, Transparency, Change

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Another stellar nominee

More tax problems


Murder on Demand

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Read this and see how you feel about abortion on demand.



Helping Kentucky

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A couple of posts from Michelle Malkin showing the hypocrisy in our government and media. BTW, I am a Kentuckian by birth. They have been hurt badly by the ice storm. Members of my family have been without power for days.

Helping KY

A dispatch from KY

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Comments from Sen. Coburn on the stimulus bill. Do we want to saddle future generations with debt spent on frivolous projects? We have to stop spending money we don’t have. Granted we need some action to pull out of the depression, but if you look at the details of the bill, you would be astounded. Remember, the liberal programs of the Thirties did not get the country out of the Great Depression. World War II did.
Simply throwing money at the problem is not going to solve it. What is? I have no idea, and neither do the folks inside the beltway. Unrestrained spending is not going to do it. That much I do understand.

Sen. Coburn

Contact your senator and representative and ask them to stop this insane bill. Ask them to take the time to come up with solutions that will work, not a knee jerk reaction because our new President wants to show action. Better to do nothing then throw more good money after bad. The government can’t account for the $350 billion already thrown at the wall. Apparently it didn’t stick.

Congressional Directory


Daschle is “not perfect”

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But Obama “absolutely” stands by his nominee. Absolutely Ethics don’t matter

Where is the emphasis on ethics, Obama’s picks were supposed to be squeaky clean. I hate to think that he doesn’t really mean what he says.

Press Secretary’s comment (from Michelle Malkin) Not perfect